Who is Myra Goldick?


Myra Goldick majored in Fashion Illustration at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Myra’s love for art developed as a child at the age of five when she won a coloring contest in The New York Daily News. She knew then that her passion was to share her talent for creating and painting colors, bright and bold, soft and enticing, all blending in various forms of art.  Creating became her life; it also saved her life.


She was struck down 5 years later with a devastating bout of polio. She was completely paralyzed and with years of braces, crutches and painful therapy, she clung to her passion for colors and her art.  Her determination and desire to succeed led her to her recovery.


Myra studied fine art at the prestigious High School for Music and Art.  Upon graduation she received a full scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied fashion illustration. She spent 20 years in the corporate world of cosmetics where her career in marketing and sales flourished. She was instrumental in creating color palettes for women. 


Later she returned to The Fashion Institute of Technology where she received a degree in millinery design.  Myra then went on to design millinery for some of the world’s most renowned fashion designers for over 10 years.


Her fine art paintings in oil and acrylic have been on display throughout southeast Florida.  Myra’s last solo exhibit during the month of May 2009 was on display at VSA in Palm Beach County.


Myra is passionately involved in the fight against the return of polio.  Through motivational lectures and public speaking, she is reminding society that as long as there is one child remaining in the world  that may become stricken by polio, the disease still remains a threat.


Motivational topics include:


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Myra Goldick - Artist & Motivational Speaker

Myra Goldick

Artist & Motivational Speaker


Living Through Art®
Palm Beach County, Florida

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Download Myra's Flyer (PDF format)


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