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Living Through Art® Motivational Lectures

Myra’s motivational lectures embrace a simple fact of life. An individual without drive, purpose, and passion for achieving success in any given endeavor, will find that success becomes elusive and more than likely unattainable. Life presents stumbling blocks, opposition and sometimes, great tragedy. It is a person’s will to overcome and rise above their problems which motivates them and directs them towards achieving their goal. Our reward for this hard work is a sense of fulfillment and pride. This wonderful feeling of accomplishment is what heals the soul. It is called happiness.


Motivational Lecture Topics

  • Redirect physical and emotional pain through art
  • Find your own passion and happiness
  • Gain self satisfaction from artistic creativity
  • Learn to love yourself and find that you will be loved in return


Who is Myra Goldick?

I was born in New York City, and developed a love for art as a toddler. Drawing, finger painting, and coloring became the focal point of my childhood world. My natural artistic drive to create beautiful images blossomed when I won The New York Daily News coloring contest at the age of 5. I knew then that I had a passion to share my gift for creating and painting with colors, bright and bold, soft and enticing, with others. <read Myra's whole story...>


What People Say about Myra

"Myra, your speech was international quality. You have great talent." <more...>

- Ed Lamont DTM, Profession Speaker and Founder of local Toastmasters


"You accomplished what you wanted despite your difficulties, and that is inspirational." <more...>

- Daphne Dowell, Director of Education, Old School Square


"Myra Goldick is an accomplished figure and landscape painter... a consummate artist." <more...>

- Miles Laventhall, Professional Artist


"Myra's work displays energy and defines creativity - the willingness to take risks." <more...>

- Becky Sanders, Director, Boca Raton School of Art


"Myra is as inspirational as the depth of her masterpieces: her art shares the colors of life and the joy of living." <more...>

- Bonnie Borenstein-Rounds MS, Rehabilitation Counselor


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Myra Goldick - Artist & Motivational Speaker

Myra Goldick

Artist & Motivational Speaker


Living Through Art®
Palm Beach County, Florida

(561) 429-8268


Download Myra's Flyer (PDF format)


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